Tuesday, September 18, 2012

North to Alaska

A stray from the norm....
Johnny Horton first comes to mind for a theme song but then fades into a classic John Wayne film. My family and I have been rolling around the idea of a move. First moving closer to the elders of our tribe then slowly evolving into a larger distance, Alaska.  Being an avid outdoors men caught in a very industrial career and affiliation. I fight my own demons for this association with such an evolving beast.  Work is first and foremost to provide, next to hunting and fishing.  I have always had the underlying obsession and curiosity with the never ending wilderness of the Great North.  Now it is becoming a serious consideration. Constantly thinking about all angles on the situation. I have lost alot of sleep lately from the lack of shutting off these thoughts.  The great unknown? Will my family like this idea or serious change in life style? Can I still provide and give them what they need as a father?
"Hell yeah!" is screaming inside and once it is quite enough I hear" are you sure?".     If this is going to become a reality I have some serious work to do before the snow thaws and spring arrives in our frigged north.  Home repairs and renovations for a good sale on current said home, financial preparation, educating self of new geographical locations, hunting and fishing until this happens...
So amongst this chaos I will still find peace in my flies and chasing a few fish. My hunting season is on its way, but first and foremost fall pike.  I have renovated my fly box of all unnecessary flies to make room for the new.

 With a few more fishing excursions then into fur bearing winter survival mode.  Hopefully I can make a better attempt at photographing and writing about this progressive journey for the ultimate move north.
If anyone has some advice or words of wisdom for this epic relocation I am all ears.
Stay tuned....


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