Friday, December 30, 2011

In the beginning...

     Being my first post I would like to introduce myself.  I'm a Western Colorado native, born just west of the glorious Black Canyons rims, south of the Gunnison River in a small community know as Delta, Colorado. I was raised in Cedaredge.  Home to some of the best trout fishing, river rafting and breath taking scenery tucked beside the Grand Mesa.  Pike are difficult to find and not always the most common fish to be found in this area. But if pursued success can be found.
Recently I have became consumed in thought of pike and flies they chase. I enjoy a number of fishing methods, but lately Esox Lucius  has me pegged.  Stumbling upon some of the best (in my opinion) tiers and fisherman I have yet to meet. The internet has been an never ending source of info for this appetite as of late. Simon Graham, Jay Zimmerman, Kelly Galloup, Nick Granato just to name a few.  These guys have some amazing minds to dream these flies up, hopefully I'm not far behind.  Here's a few recent concoctions I have been inspired with from these gentlemen.  To be continued...  I'll be taking a series of more professional photos shortly. Stay tuned for an upcoming release of my new trout pattern.