Monday, February 13, 2012

Pike Tourney blow out!

Well this last weekend a pike tourney was held at a local reservoir.  Catch and release was not an option if you wished to enter the fish. Good news alot where released. Only a couple over the 30" mark were kept for the derby. Some people kept some for dinner.  The local DOW is planning to shock the lake this spring, Big bummer for us pike anglers!  Many mixed opinions on the outcome still have not won the vote of those in charge.  Great day on the ice teaching a few folks about pike, life lessons learned for my son and a few new friends.  Very sad the future of this lake. The fishery has been struggling for the last ten years and here it goes again.
Well all in all, it was good to see alot of people felt that letting them go to fight another day, was more important then the victory.   For those who believe in the future of our fisheries. Spread the word and knowledge, take a kid fishing they are our future. Tight Lines!

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  1. The organisers looking to eradicate pike from the lake need to read this